Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Holiday season is underway!!

Well the stocking are hung by the fireplace and the lights are twinkling outside, we have our tree and it is beautiful. Living in Texas you never know if you are going to get any cold weather go along with all of these wonder Christmas goodies. Growing up in Ohio I associate Christmas with sweaters and jackets, snowmen, icicles! Well it has actually been in the 30's & 40's this week so that is nice. We were invited to a few Holiday parties this year haven't made to ant just yet. Still waiting on surgery. I have a great question for the few people that read my blog, can you give me any good ideas for a white elephant gift? I have never been to a white elephant party and well it seems pretty interesting. The limit is $20.00
Getting ready to have a birthday party for my daughter which is super exciting!!! Cookie Monster Themed :) See will be 15. I'm so excited for them to be out of school for the Christmas holiday after that, so we can make cookies together. This will be the first year I really get to do it with out rushing around and worrying about work. I miss my work a lot. Well more to come in the future. Hope to see some White Elephant ideas :) Help