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I love Super Points! I'm not sure if i'm just addicted to just clicking the button every day or what but I love it. This site has great ways to earn points and with those points you can redeem them for,
 Paypal cash, Best buy gift cards, Jamba Juice, Walmart and more! earning points is easy buy just Clicking the super point button, taking surveys or signing up for emails, I recommend everyone sign up now for this site and start earning today! I have I have 4 special invite codes left so sign up today.
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Have you heard about Swagbucks? Swagbucks is a great site for doing several things, using as a search engine, playing games, completing surveys and more. After doing all of those thing you earn what are called Swagbucks, these bucks add up and you can cash then in at the Swag Store for gift cards to places like Amazon, Travelocity, you can can also use your Swagbucks for other gift items like school supplies, Health & Beauty and more. You will really have to check out this site. I use this site as my personal search engine now because you never know when you are searching for a word you might just win some Swagbucks!
Here is a link for you to check it out yourself. I have received over $50.00 this past Holiday season in Amazon gift cards searching on Swagbucks, who couldn't use an extra $50.00, right :)
Here is the link to there website... Happy Swagging my friends...

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I love this is a great site where you earn points just for doing a 1-2 minute video about products you already have at at home! even has a program called Tryology where they send you new products to try out and after the trial period you shoot a little video describing your experience! It is that easy!! I used this site over the holidays to get several gift cards to Amazon for Holiday gifts. so check them out It is really fun.<br />
Here is a personal link to check it out, signup today<br />
<br />

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