Great Books

Great Books that I love and want to share with you my readers!
The Help was a great book, I could not put it down I loved it! I also loved the movie and was very pleased with they way they followed the book, thank you for that.

 I also liked reading Saving Cee Cee Honey Cut. A great read that was recommended to me by a dear friend Diana.
 This is a book about a girl who's mother has a mental illness and she is sent off to live with her aunt. I really enjoyed reading this, a few scenes from the book, The Little girls mother would meet her when she got off of the school bus in a Prom dress waving away at all the boys, see her mother used to be a beauty queen so she was very pretty, but this was very embarrassing even if your mom was sick. Her dad was a traveling salesman so he was gone a lot and she had to take care of her mother, her mother was always dressed in prom dresses going to the good will buying out the dresses that were on sale. 

Another great author that i just love and this is a completely different style book is Karen Marie Moning. Now the series that I like of her's is the Shadow Fever series. I love Love Love these. These books are classified as romantic sci fi and they can be a little dirty at some point but I really like the fact that the main character is a female "Dani" and she is so tough and ready to fight. Never giving up! Well these are my favorites right now.  

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