Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting ready for Halloween!

Are you getting ready for Halloween? I know we sure are :) We have started by decorating the inside of course and then we work our way outside. We always like to go to Spirit Halloween every year and with the coupons they send you when you sign up for there mailing list it makes shopping there much nicer!! We got some webbing  and a few ideas. We made our scary man for the front porch out of an old mask and some old clothes as well as a Trash bag Spider. Now i'm not a fan of Spiders but this one is cute in a scary sort of way.
This is a picture of our scary man. He has scared many. Our dead plants beside him really help him out too...

Here is our Trash bag spider. really easy to make and can be a large as you like. We purchased the large size black trash bags just imagine how big he could be with the lawn and leaf bags!!  Living here in Texas we don't have very many leaves to rake up and make him so we used recycled newspaper.

  • 18 large black trash bags
  • Leaves or newspaper
  • Black electrical tape
  • Large red plastic party cups
  • Clothesline, optional
  1. To create the spider's body, stuff one trash bag full of dry leaves (you can also use crumpled newspaper). Tie the bag closed, then flip it upside down. To make the head, stuff a second bag (not as full as the first), tie it closed, and tape it to the body.
  2. To make one of the legs, roll up two garbage bags together lengthwise. Wrap them with electrical tape at both ends and at two points along the leg to make joints. Roll up seven more legs, then cut four small slits in each side of the spider's body and slip the legs in place.
  3. Cut the white lip off two of the red plastic cups, then tape them onto the spider's body to make his beady red eyes. For the fangs, cut two triangles out of the third plastic cup (or another piece of white plastic) and tape them onto the spider so that the white side faces up.
  4. Perch the spider atop a big pile of relatively dry leaves. To create a few unlucky stuffed animals to her web.

    Here is a great video to help you along the way:

    thank you Disney Family Fun for making this happen for us!

    Thank you for reading my Blog today!

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