Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Treats

I wanted to share a few sites where I found some interesting treats.
I receive emails from Southern Living Magazine, they send great ideas for decorating as well as some great meal ideas. Today this was in my email and I just had to share. Now I would never make this even though I LOVE candy corn but deep fried... too much


A favorite recipe that I have made for work the last 2 years and will be making for a Halloween party this year, since i'm not working right now Is Buried Surprise Cupcakes! This recipe has made so many people laugh and even scare small children. The key is to Icing the top like a regular cup cake so no one knows whats going on underneath.... Here is a link to a website where you can use there recipe or get creative and make your own!!


I had a hard time finding Gummi Body parts this year. searched everywhere. Then low an behold we saw them at CVS! so if you can't find them check your local pharmacy. LOL

I really love these Monster Cupcakes too! I made these last year they do take a little more work, but they are really good and super cute who can go wrong with Sandra Lee right?


Picture of Monster Cupcakes Recipe

I will try to take pictures of our cupcakes this year and I am still trying to get pictures up of our Halloween decorations. It will happen I swear.
 Happy Treating!

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